Adriana Chechik, Twitch streamer and adult film actress broke her spine in 2 places doing this jump

A very dangerous situation occurred during TwitchCon, resulting in a broken spine in two, independent places.

Adriana Chechik is a person you may know from two places. The first is Twitch, where the talks mainly take place. You don’t even need to go too much into the streaming, and a simple screenshot of the most popular clips is enough for you to catch the vibe:

There is nothing amazing going on there, sometimes adult topics are discussed, and that’s about it. The second place are various sites already devoted strictly to adults. Yellow logos, etc.

Spinal fracture in two places

Adriana was one of the participants in an event from Twitch called TwitchCon. A serious accident happened there – someone took insufficient care to cover the floor with foam. It’s hard to say why it was done that way.

Normally these foams have a thick layer of several meters. Here it looks a bit like someone scattered some of them and that’s it. All the fun was to throw the other person off the platform.


It is very possible that someone will be sued for this. At this point it is known that the streamer is undergoing surgery.

You can see there is a great deal of resentment towards those responsible, but it is hardly surprising. This kind of fracture can have nightmarish consequences.

And yes – the second streamer who made the jump has also broken something, although at this point it is not yet known what.