Nasty broken hand during Twitch broadcast. You can feel the pain while watching

During one of the broadcasts, a very unpleasant accident occurred.

The last time a streamer suffered such a strong injury, she broke her back. This time it involves a man, specifically the bodyguard of one of the streamers. This one decided to accept a challenge in arm wrestling.

In the end, it turned out that this was not a very good idea. The bodyguard’s hand at one point simply couldn’t stand and was broken. The broadcast was immediately turned off, as this type of situation cannot appear on TTV.

Broken hand on Twitch

This is a very unpleasant situation, and if you have a problem with watching this kind of thing, it’s just better to not do so. Naturally, the man received the required help.


Accidents happen everywhere, here people comment that it is better not to try it at home when you do not know the basic rules regarding at least the width of the table.

What does it look like in terms of a possible ban? There is a chance to get a temporary ban, but everything depends directly on how Twitch will interpret it.