After this action with the streamer, this guy was arrested. Such a creep on Twitch has not been seen for a long time

On Twitch there are sometimes unpleasant situations, but very rarely do they end in arrest.

In the last few dozen hours, there have been a lot of talks about a man who, during the broadcast of one of the streamers, wanted to literally attack her. It looked very strange, although at first, it did not look like the guy was going to chase the girl.

It was clear that something was wrong with him. The police, who arrested the man sometime later, thought so too. More interestingly, the man was taken away in handcuffs in the back of a car.

An uncomfortable situation on the stream

The broadcast itself did not cause any great excitement. At one point, the streamer was approached by a man who resented her loud behavior. The woman simply wanted to leave, and the man himself began to chase her.


The streamer decided to go to the police with this. The authorities decided that they would deal with it right away, and so the man ended up in handcuffs in the back of a police car.


As it turned out later, the man got a fine for this but had no way to pay for it (supposedly due to problems with the bank), so the final change was made to jail.