Are you facing another lonely evening at home? Movies that are perfect for typical boredom

Sometimes watching movies alone can be more enjoyable, as long as there are really interesting titles to choose from.

Going to the cinema alone or doing movie marathons on lonely evenings is becoming more and more popular among people. Of course, there’s rather nothing better than watching a good movie with your other half or best friend, but who says that no movie can draw you in without excellent company?

That’s why there are more and more videos on TikTok that put together different movies for different occasions. This time we have a suggestion of titles that are great for lonely evenings.

What is worth watching alone?

According to the most popular lists of recommendations on TikTok, these titles are worth checking out during a lonely evening at home:

  • The Irishman (2019),
  • Bullet Train (2022),
  • Zodiac (2007),
  • Inception (2010),
  • No Mercy (2014).


Looking at the number of positive reactions whether in the comments or in the number of likes of the video, it looks like the recommended films are definitely worth watching.