People are becoming dabloon barons. What’s the deal with this strange trend from TikTok?

A strange trend from TikTok is slowly starting to move to other platforms. Why are people becoming millionaires and what is it all about?

TikTok is growing very rapidly and this is a fact. Over there, people are coming up with new ideas every day, and various trends are changing so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

In the last few days, however, a trend has emerged that stands out strongly from the others. This is because it is not about ordinary videos, but what can already be called a kind of role-play. People have started to play a game on TikTok and become “rich”.

A cat with dabloons on TikTok

A strange cat comes to you and offers you coins or Chinese soup, what do you do? Normally, everyone would ignore it and scroll on, but it turns out that it is now a highly profitable “business” on TikTok.

To make a long story short, you browse through TikTok until you come across a video in which a black dabloon cat, accompanied by a song from the game My Singing Monsters, offers you dabloons – a fictional currency for which you can bargain with the merchants you meet. The merchants can offer you completely different things: food, crystals, souvenirs, cars or items completely unnecessary to anyone.


Sometimes you may also encounter a thief who will rob you. Other times you will come across a merchant who will give you a lottery ticket, thanks to which you can win millions of dabloons or find yourself in a bank and borrow. The possibilities are endless, and every day people come up with more and more strange and interesting cases that screw more and more TikTok users.

However, what is important – the participant cannot search for dabloon videos on his own. One has to browse through one’s main TikTok page and wait until an offer appears. Usually, then a black cat from the 2021 meme appears and presents you with an offer – such videos are really easy to recognize.

The game has been getting more and more popular for the past few days, with more and more “travelers” joining the dabloon world. People are already even starting to take all the fun to other platforms, such as Twitter, and share their loot or brag about the number of dabloons in their virtual wallet.