Did you know you could ask Grim Reaper in Sims 4 about his work? What does he answer?

Sometimes some people manage to talk to the Grim Reaper. You can ask him about a few things.

The Grim Reaper is a cult character in The Sims world, who we have already met in The Sims 1. He has the same name in every part of the game and always looks the same. The Grim Reaper is usually worn in a long black coat, thanks to which his character is completely covered.

It is unknown who the Dark Reaper really is. In earlier parts of The Sims, there were bugs that revealed the character to be a skeleton or a ghost, but this has never been confirmed. The Phantom is the personification of death and is known for his hard work – taking dead Sims to the afterlife.

How does the Grim Reaper feel about his work?

Often times, we can create interactions between living Sims and Grim Reaper. Most often, we are asked to revive a Sim who is just leaving – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. However, if we manage to keep the specter in our house for longer, we can expect him to be willing to talk.

One of the players decided to ask him how he assessed his work. As it turns out – he replied without any problems. What does the Reaper think about his work?

You can see that even the personification of death itself can sometimes joke. The Pool Joke has existed in The Sims community since the very beginning of the game, referring to players bullying their Sims by removing a ladder from the pool or blocking it with walls while letting them drown. This is one of the most famous killing ideas.

It’s just a pity that Grim is such a busy wraith, maybe he’d drop by for coffee more often.