How tall can the stack of books from The Sims 4 Book Nook be? Up to 2 times the size of a house

Players have tested how high the stack of books that was added with the new collection to TS4 – Book Nook – can get.

Recently, The Sims 4 has been going hard with the release of new additions. Here 2 new collections at the end of April, a new update on May 30, some leaks about an add-on with horses, and another 2 new Collections.

This time it was the Grunge Revival and Book Nook. The first collection is typically clothing in the style of grunge, rock, etc., and the second introduced cozy furniture, perfect for a room designed for reading. And while opinions varied, the Book Nook was definitely more to the players’ liking.

How high can books from the new Collection stand?

The Book Nook has brought some very cozy and eye-pleasing furniture to the game, perfect for decorating an office for our Sims bookworms. Thanks to the Collection, first of all, a lot of new bookshelves and bookcases came to The Sims 4, as well as typically bookish decorations.

One such decoration is a pile of books that can be stacked on top of each other, so we can place several such stacks of different sizes next to each other. Simmers decided to test how tall it could be, and it looks like the developers probably didn’t necessarily anticipate such experiments.

The tallest building you can create in The Sims 4 for scale (4 floors and tallest walls).

And here a stack of books right next to this building.

The tallest stack of books on the roof of the tallest possible building.

You have to admit that it really looks quite scary. Especially since the creators didn’t necessarily make this stack quite “realistic” and didn’t make it that tall. Any way you look at it, this stack looks like it’s almost 3 times bigger than the tallest possible building in The Sims 4.