What Pokemon will be available for Research Breakthrough in Pokemon GO in August?

What Pokemon will Pokemon GO players get for completing daily tasks in August?

In a few days, the second month of holidays will begin, so it’s time to announce the attractions that will go to Pokemon GO in August. So far, the creators have revealed who will be the hero of August Community Day.

In the latest announcements, you can also read about what creature you will get for collecting stamps as part of Research Breakthrough. This time it will be a Pokemon in the galarian version. Which one exactly?

Research Breakthrough reward in August

As a reminder: Research Breakthrough is a special reward that can be obtained for completing a minimum of one task per day in Pokemon GO for seven days (“Field” tab).

It doesn’t matter what the specific quest is about (quests can be randomized when spinning a PokeStop and one is always assigned after midnight). After completing the task, the player receives a stamp, and for 7 stamps a package with a mysterious Pokemon.

According to the official announcement, in August each Pokemon GO trainer will receive a Galarian version of the Stunfisk for collecting seven stamps. It is a ground and steel type Pokemon. It has no evolution.

Comparison of the regular and shiny versions:

Stats, counters and best attacks

Pokemon is vulnerable to fighting, ground, fire, and water attacks (160%), and also resistant to attacks such as normal, flying, bug, steel, psychic, dragon, fairy (63%), electric, rock (39%) and poison (24%).

ITs base stats are as follows:

  • Attack: 144
  • Defense: 171
  • Stamina: 240

The maximum CP at account level 40 is 2,162.