The last July box in Pokemon GO. What will the players find inside? Until when can you redeem it?

Today, the fourth pack of items for the current month has hit the game.

July is slowly coming to an end, so it’s time for the last attractions this month. Soon, a new event related to the Hisui region will begin – on this occasion, more interesting forms of famous creatures will debut in Pokemon GO.

The new week is also a new box for 1 PokeCoin. This time, the package again contains only one item, but it is an item that will surely be useful to most people. What exactly can you get?

The fourth box in July in Pokemon GO

Boxes in 2022, like the ones from the previous one, are not completely free, but there is nothing to worry about – the price is so low that most players can afford to buy such a package. What is in the box this time and until when will it be available?

From July 25 (Monday) to August 1, 2022, you can pick up a one-time event box in the in-game store for the price of 1 PokeCoin, which includes:

  • Incense.

It is worth reminding that tomorrow the fourth Spotlight Hour will take place in July. Its main character will be Meditite. For the evolution of creatures, each player will get double the number of experience points.

The list of attractions for the next month of holidays, i.e. August, will probably appear soon. As always, the creators of Pokemon GO will reveal the creature for Research Breakthrough, a list of legendary raids or awards for the August Field Research.