Niantic is testing a new feature in Pokemon GO. It will only be available to a small group of players

The developers of Pokemon GO have announced a new feature related to PokeStops. Unfortunately, it will appear only in certain regions.

Niantic tests new features from time to time, which, if they prove themselves, make their way into the game permanently. The best testers are, of course, players. Unfortunately, usually, the group of testers is quite limited, such as to a specific country or continent.

This is the case this time as well. The novelty associated with PokeStops will be implemented in specific locations. What is known about it? What is it supposed to consist of?

New PokeStops feature in Pokemon GO

PokeStops are one of the most essential elements in the game. They provide items needed to catch creatures, but also give new eggs to hatch, stickers, or small amounts of experience.

The developers of Pokemon GO announced on Twitter that they plan to test a new feature specifically related to PokeStops. As noted – it will be available only to a specific group.

The novelty, called PokeStop Showcases, will be available for a limited time in selected areas of the world. You can find out about it from the official Niantic Support Twitter account, where it was written:

Trainers in New Zealand, you’ll be able to experience a new feature at select PokéStops for a limited time.

The developers have not revealed too much information about it. It is not clear what exactly the mentioned feature is supposed to look like. What is known is that it is to include “introducing Pokemon” to see them against the creatures of other trainers.

What exactly does this mean? For now, no one knows, although there is a chance that more information will be available soon. Players are guessing that perhaps it will be something along the lines of a Pokemon ranking or something like that. Perhaps the winners of the vote will receive additional loot from a specific PokeStop or get temporary bonuses.