Pokemon GO players are laughing because the new season’s graphics remind them of…

The graphics for Pokemon GO’s 11th season – Hidden Gems – have brought some connotations to fans of the title.

Hidden Gems is a new season in Pokemon GO, which launched on June 1, 2023, less than two weeks ago. Many people were somehow not particularly focused on its announcement or graphics, as they were mainly interested in the new attractions and events.

However, there were also those who carefully analyzed the content released by Niantic. After looking at the season-promoting graphics, they found that this one reminded them of something.

Casino connotations and more

On Reddit, the topic of the new season in Pokemon GO began, or more precisely, the graphic promoting it, which shows the name, but also a pair of gems, including the largest – a pink one, which is surrounded by leaves. The whole thing caused the community to have some associations.

The author of the post that started the discussion said he associated the graphics of Pokemon GO’s 11th season with the logos of casino games, such as those of one-armed bandits.

Is it just me, or the image of the new season makes me think of some kind of slot machine in a casino.

Gamers quickly picked up on the theme and found that many people associated the graphics similarly. Some also wrote about the similarity to mobile games that involve stacking gems or fruit, with the popular Candy Crush at the forefront.

To me it looks like a banner for one of those mobile games where you find items in rooms or arrange them in the right order, like in Candy Crush xD

The more malicious wrote that the association with casinos, slot machines, or wildly popular mobile games stuffed to the brim with ads and microtransactions is not coincidental. In their view, “Niantic is not even hiding anymore” that the game is designed to encourage fans to pay with real currency for additional content.