A new comic from Overwatch aims to explain why McCree is now Cole Cassidy

The promotion of the upcoming comic “New Blood” has started.

Blizzard announced that the change of the name of McCree will be somehow explained in the plot and it will indeed be so – the developers want to explain it in some way. As a result, the new comic book will touch upon this topic.

It is worth recalling that Overwatch also begins a new Cassidy challenge, where players can unlock a special skin for this hero.

A new comic from Overwatch

The comic is to be divided into five parts and tell about Cassidy’s journey in search of a new team. The premiere will probably take place tonight.

So far, not much has been made available, there is a cover and two photos inside. However, any content is missing.

All we can do is wait for around 2 PM EDT. The official start time of the challenge is unknown, but the standard time is 1-2.