Blizzard states that the 2023 release of Overwatch 2 is just rumor and nothing official

For some mysterious reason, players and the media have thought that Overwatch 2 will come out in 2023. So Blizzard itself decided to answer.

A few days ago, Blizzard announced that the premiere of Overwatch 2 has been postponed. Not in the presentation nor after that, when explaining specific points, something was said about a possible release date.

Only on Twitter, there were a few entries from insiders who had unconfirmed information about the Overwatch 2 release. As we wrote, Blizzard did not say by how much the Overwatch 2 release was delayed.

Blizzard makes this point itself

At the moment, it is not known whether the premiere was postponed, for example, from spring 2022 to autumn 2022, or maybe even to 2023, or even 2024. It’s all just speculation, and the information that Overwatch 2 will officially appear in 2023 is simply not true.

Of course, Overwatch 2 may appear in 2023, but this is not official information from Blizzard, but only speculation based on journalists’ entries and the Blizzard message itself. This is why the developers themselves decided to step in.

AndyB, being the “Community Manager” on the forum, wrote directly:

Is Overwatch 2 in 2022 possible? Of course. There is a small chance of it, but it is still there. There are several things related to this, for example, the Overwatch League. It was confirmed that the league will be played on an early version of Overwatch 2. Now even the players themselves write that it does not make much sense, because they will not have a way to train on their own, but only with other PROs from OVL. So in “free time” they would have to switch to the old version of the game.

There is a theory in the community that says Blizzard will separate PvE and PvP modes. In short, a beta PvP may appear in 2022, while the launch of PvE will take place later, once PvP is over. Of course, this is the same unconfirmed speculation, just as the fact that OV2 will come out in 2023.