Creator of the Crab Game: “I’m an idiot”. The game has become unsafe for popular Twitch streamers

Crab Game has an unusual problem that has hit streamers.

Crab Game was met with a very nice reception, but at this point, it is struggling with a huge problem. Production allows extracting the IP addresses of players. It’s not hard to see what this means for popular streamers.

Several of the most popular creators have fought with DDOS in the last few dozen hours. It all started with xQc:

Then it just went on extremely quickly.

The creator of Crab Game responds

The person who created Crab Game was not going to bury his head in the sand. There was a response almost immediately confirming that streamers are vulnerable to DDOS attacks by obtaining their IP addresses.

The advice is simple – give up playing in public lobbies for now. This should be fixed in a few days.

If you’re streaming on Twitch, better know it. Otherwise, it is unlikely that anyone will spend any money on attacks. However, it is worth being aware that you can reveal your IP to other players.