An Overwatch 2 player spent 35 hours to get nothing. It’s called good business

One player got a response from support that in total he had wasted more than 30 hours.

It is always necessary to approach such situations with a pinch of salt. This is because it is not clear whether the player did everything right in this situation. If he did, he actually has reason to be upset, because he actually wasted time, and even quite a lot of it.

The Overwatch 2 player claims that he watched OWL gameplay for more than 35 hours in total to collect all the rewards. However, he never got those, so he wrote to the support department. After 2 weeks, he received a response.

We don’t have your skins, so what

The player believes he was watching gameplay with a connected account and just didn’t get his rewards. He wrote to support and after 2 weeks got a reply.

This one didn’t satisfy him very much, because it comes out that he won’t get the skins he is entitled to in theory. Provided, of course, that he actually did everything right.

And that’s how it is. If you’re getting drops, make sure a few times that you’re 100% sure you have your Blizzard account hooked up to your Twitch account, because later on these kinds of situations can happen.