How to successfully start the game in New World? Comprehensive beginner’s guide

Beginnings in the New World can be difficult, so the tools that will effectively help us are important.

To get the most out of our time in New World, it takes experience. Where to get it, however, if we are just starting our adventure with Amazon Games’ production? Not only a few useful websites can help us, but also infographics created by fans.

A New World Beginner’s Guide

First, it is worth mentioning a few important points.

  1. The initial tutorial can be skipped from the menu. If you’ve ever played New World and have a general idea of ​​it, it’s worth saving yourself those first few minutes.
  2. A good way in the early levels to quickly return to the settlement (or the camp that we can set up anywhere) without using Azoth is death. When we die, we only sacrifice a little strength of the items we wear and have in our inventory. The cost of repairing them is practically irrelevant to what we gain.
  3. The key to leveling up quickly is getting to a faction (not necessarily a company, although it can also help) that manages the neighboring settlements. Thanks to this, we will be able to take more missions from the board, which are key in leveling.
  4. Watch out for experience bonuses for territory points. They give a lot when leveling up, but once you reach level 60, they are useless until the maximum level is expanded.

Useful pages and tools

The most important of the information contained in the guidelines above are those about the raw materials that we should collect to save ourselves time in the future. A big obstacle in acquiring some of them may be the problem of finding them. The first of two key pages in our entire adventure with NW comes to our aid.

It is available in many languages. Thanks to it, you can find any place on the map (such as shrines, i.e. teleportation points), as well as the place of all animals, plants, ores, chests, and even documents. You can also save a large (possibly unlimited, I have never verified it) number of presets on it, which we can quickly load if necessary instead of using filters.

A beachfront on Aeternum. Huge statues loom over the rocky shore.

Another very important element of the New World is the different types of weapons and skills associated with them. Which one should you choose to start with? What skills should you invest points in so as not to waste them? Here comes the other side that you will never part with during the game.

The website is an integral part of creating our character. Thanks to it, we can review the skills of each weapon available in the game and distribute points in various ways. If we want to use a ready-made build, we will find a lot of those created by other players.

By concluding today’s lecture, the information above should prepare you to play New World better than well. From that moment on, a lot depends on your self-denial, willingness to invest your free time and a group of friends with whom you will have the pleasure to explore the world of Aeternum.