Developers answer the most important questions about the character transfer in New World

The possibility to transfer characters between servers, which has been confirmed for some time, is fast approaching.

Already this week, but on an unspecified date, players will be able to transfer characters once to another server in New World. Due to the fact that this option will come into effect soon, the developers decided to answer some important questions from players.

It is worth bearing in mind that some questions in our article were omitted, while the original post can be found at this link.

Character transfer in New World

Moving characters from one server to another is a complicated option to implement, especially for a game that is just emerging on the market. The developers seem to have everything under control, and almost two weeks ago, they shared the requirements that our hero will have to meet in order to move to another world.

  • You will have to leave your Company.
  • You have to delete all active sale and purchase offers in the Trading Posts.
  • Your character must be in a sanctuary (such as a settlement or outpost).

Together with the transfer, the following will be transferred:

  • all character progress (level, weapon proficiency, titles, etc.),
  • faction and related progress,
  • inventory and storage,
  • Currency,
  • houses and decorations,
  • quest progress.

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Questions and answers about character transfers

Now it’s time for players’ questions. Here are the most important of them.

Q: How many times will we be able to transfer for free? Will we be able to pay for server transfers after using the free tokens?
A: The initial release includes one transfer token, which is single use. We will continue to monitor the server populations, and if transfers result in uneven distribution that causes queues we will issue new sets of tokens where needed.

Q: Will all members of a large company be able to transfer over? Do we have a cap of how many people can transfer over to a certain server?
A: There is no technical limit to the number of characters that can transfer to a server. We also have addressed an issue that made moving a Company difficult: starting with the release of Server Transfers, when the last person leaves a Company it will be treated as abandoned and the name will be available seconds later. Note: you should NOT rename your Company if you intend to transfer it. That will make the old name unavailable on a new server. Full emptying the Company so it is abandoned will free the name up for re-use.

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Q: Is there a time limit/time frame players need to use this token by?
A: No, it is available permanently on the account until used.

Q: Are the tokens 1 per account or 1 per character?
A: Tokens are one per account. If we find transfers have created an imbalance on particular servers, we can re-issue tokens for those affected.

Q: Will we be able to provide an infographic ahead of time to help companies and players on their server transfer plans?
A: Yes, we are releasing an infographic with the most up to date, relevant information along with the transfer feature to help our players decide on the world they wish to transfer to,. We will update it daily afterwards for as long as seems necessary.

Q: Do you remain in your faction or will you have a chance to go to a different faction? What if I have already changed factions once before transferring?
A: Your faction status will be the same after transferring.

In summary, each account will receive one token, thanks to which the player will be able to transfer one of the characters to any server in a given region.

Unfortunately, our company and friends from the previous server will be lost, so if someone is considering moving, it is worth planning it with someone in advance. It is worth hurrying up, because the possibility of transfers may appear in 5-6 days as well as tomorrow. However, the server we hunt can fill up very quickly.