New World character transfer stopped due to duplicate items and coins bug

Being able to transfer your character to a different server can cause a serious error.

It has not been long since the transfer of our heroes in New World was introduced, and the first major bugs related to it have already appeared. As it turns out, the data of some characters did not save properly after the transfer. Some players have chosen to use this situation unfairly.

An exploit that duplicates money.

According to Luxendra, the community manager, some of the already small pool of players affected by the bug found it easy to earn money.

As you can see, the problem is serious. Leaving aside the bug that is currently being patched on an ongoing basis, instead of being fixed at the source, the wave of people using this type of exploit may mean that if developers fail to detect all of the unfair players, New World’s economic problems may only deepen.

What about character transfers?

One hour after the above information appeared, another Community Manager, TrevzorFTW, informed players that the transfer option would be held until the bug was fixed.

When will it happen? There is no point in trying to find an unequivocal answer. Looking at the pace at which Amazon Games developers work and the frequency of patches they release, it shouldn’t take more than a day.

The fact that the error is serious is against the above statement. If its repair becomes more complicated than previously assumed, the return time of the long-awaited option may be very long. It remains to wait for more information that should appear soon.