Dream, a Minecraft youtuber, responds to how he feels about showing his face and such a reception from viewers

A week ago Dream showed his face, which for some reason became the subject of jokes.

Dream certainly hasn’t had an easy week. However, the Youtuber is not completely down. He hasn’t published a video in a week, but it had to do with his trip to TwitchCon.

The face-reveal video already has more than 38 million views. It’s worth mentioning here that this is a big step toward normalcy for Dream. Why? The Youtuber told on his panel that he had to travel to another state so people wouldn’t recognize him.

Dream after all this

People knew what state in the U.S. Dream lives in, so the YouTuber had to try really hard to make sure viewers didn’t recognize him.

He had to spend time with his family many miles away from home precisely because of the recognition.

In any case, the YouTuber did not break down at all after receiving so many negative comments. His friends and other influencers asked after his face was revealed if he was okay, to which Dream replied:

Dream can now quietly continue to create, he has a lot of support in those closest to him, so he is likely to cope.