The fan’s original champion design. Are these types of characters missing in League of Legends?

One fan created an extensive champion project that could appear on Summoner’s Rift.

Most people know that the League of Legends community is really creative. Among LoL players, you can find a lot of great graphic designers, animators, and cosplayers. Fans not only create extensive fanarts, but also come up with their own concepts for skins, heroes, and the like. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone spent months on a fan project. However, as it turns out – it was worth it because the effects of hard work are really great.

One of the players decided to create a rather unique hero because, as he admitted, he thinks that this type of character is simply missing in League of Legends. What exactly is it all about?

The idea for a champion – Giyon, The Gossamer Acolyte

The author of the concept is Kelly Daley, an artist from San Francisco. The girl has completed many projects of various heroes. Her newest job is about League of Legends, and as it turns out, it’s really creative.

Kelly admitted that she had been working on Giyon for the last 5 weeks. In the description of her work you can read that:

League of Legends, a game that has grown alongside me since I started playing in 2012, is missing a cool old man champion (sorry Zilean). So, therefore…
MY GOAL was to design a champion that veers away from the popular “young and beautiful” stereotype while STILL being able to appeal to that intended audience.
This was a difficult endeavor seeing as I’ve never designed older characters before (Giyon is only 58… it’s not really THAT old, Kelly).

The author noted that an idea was born in her head to design a hero who is an elderly sage. She admitted that working on Giyon taught her a lot and today she is glad that the project turned out the way it did.

What can be said about the champion himself? Giyon is an older man (he is described to be 58 years old) who comes from Ionia. As for the class, the author describes him as a skirmisher.

The graphics presented by the artist show that the character refers to the image of a wise man or a monk, which appeared in numerous animations, cartoons, or games – an elderly, gray-haired, and often bearded man.

During the creation process, many ideas for the silhouette, hairstyle, and champion’s outfit were created. Kelly shared the initial sketches with the fans, which show a lot of different versions of the hero.

Of course, the design does not end with planning the overall appearance. Giyon also received his own biography or description of the skills. The author also took care of outlining the personality of the character. Descriptions inform fans about what the man is interested in, what talents he has, his health or his favorite phrases are.

The whole concept looks really good and you can see that the author put a lot of work and heart into it. There’s no denying that there aren’t many older champions in League of Legends. Creating an interesting elderly hero would add a lot of freshness to the game.