Why did Riot have to remove the dragon effect in the prestigious Volibear skin’ ult?

Duality Dragon Volibear without the dragon effect when ulting.

In Update 11.21, new interesting skins have been added to League of Legends. One of them was the Prestigious Edition of the Duality Dragon Volibear, which was warmly received by the mains of this character.

However, on official servers, it differs from the one presented a few weeks ago during its disclosure. It is mainly about the dragon effect, which has been replaced by light.

The dragon will return to Volibear

Occasionally, Riot changes skins after they hit PBE. Usually, these are visual tweaks that improve the appearance of the model, animation, or effects. However, there are times when something needs to be removed from them and this time it was the newest prestige for Volibear.

Players have noticed that the dragon effect while using the ultimate has been replaced with a golden pillar of light, which doesn’t look so phenomenal anymore. This is how the animation looked like before:

Now it looks like this:

The difference is really big, and it’s hardly surprising that players started to wonder why Riot made this decision. As it turns out, it’s about the memory resources assigned to a given hero that wasn’t enough to sustain the effect. However, it is expected to come back in the future, as Rioter Ken_Adams says on Reddit.

So it was not really about Riot’s decision to increase visibility, but the fact that this effect was causing technical problems.