LoL patch 11.22 – Who gets nerfs and who gets buffs? We know the plans for the next update

What is the preview of the changes coming to the game in the upcoming update?

Now is the time to unveil the plans for the upcoming League of Legends update. As always, it was announced by one of the Rioters who presented everything in the form of a list.

As you can see – patch 11.22 will not focus on items or runes, as only one item will get any changes. As for champions, 11 will receive nerfs or buffs. Detailed information on this subject should appear soon. What is the preliminary description?

The buffs and nerfs for patch 11.22

Riot Phlox, who posted the list of buffs and nerfs below, also wrote a few words of explanation. The devs felt that Goredrinker’s recent nerfs are a bit over the top, so they want to restore it a bit more power. What’s more, according to Riot, its nerfs had a bad effect on Riven and red Kayn, which is why, among others, these heroes have appeared on the list of future buffs.

Systems’ buffs

  • Goredrinker.

Champions’ nerfs

  • Qiyana,
  • Graves,
  • Kha’Zix,
  • Yuumi,
  • Maokai (support).

Champions’ buffs

  • Renekton,
  • Riven,
  • Kayn (Rhaast),
  • Akali,
  • Kalista,
  • Varus.