Yuumi has dominated LoL ranked again, getting banned in 80% of matches

Yuumi has once again become the most disliked character in LoL.

There is a meta in League of Legends that determines whether a given champion is strong or weak in it. This is mainly influenced by Riot’s decisions about nerfs and buffs not only for characters but also for items. However, they often do not enjoy a high frequency of selection until someone popular starts playing them.

That’s what happened with Yuumi, who after some really good matches at the most important tournament – Worlds 2021 became the most banned character on the EUW server.

Yuumi’s Return

The Magic Cat gave players a hard time after her premiere in May 2019. Although her win rate was really low, once the community understood how to play her, the heroine’s Win Rate shot up and she became the most banned character.

Later, she has appeared in meta from time to time but has never dominated the ranked queue and bans to such an extent… until now. It’s all because of Worlds, where Yuumi was banned from 47 games and picked up in 15. This means she has appeared in 95% of matches, making her second in popularity after Lee Sin (98%).

The same is happening at EUW, where, in the highest divisions, nobody wants to play this champion. Depending on the source, her Ban Rate ranges from 78-82%.

This means that she is either banned or selected, which qualifies her for a nerf in the next update. This, however, falls on Wednesday, November 3. Players will have to deal with her a little more.