Ashe’s ult through the entire map and fast teleport to eliminate the opponent – great play in LoL

An incredibly spectacular performance of Ashe with the teleport.

Ashe’s ultimate is really strong because of CC. However, only allies can make full use of it, because the stun duration increases with the distance traveled by the arrow.

However, if we take the teleport, we can surprise the opponent well and additionally do it in a great style. One of the Reddit users showed it.

Liquidation with style

Ashe’s ult is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to eliminate opponents in the lane and on the other side of the map. Hitting with an arrow from such a distance is not very easy, but if it does, the opponent will receive a 3.5-second CC, which in most cases will result in them being forced to return to base.

One of the Reddit users with the nickname sirtchuck boasted something that is hard to repeat. He fired an arrow from the bot into the upper lane and seeing that it hit the target, he teleported and eliminated standing motionless Viktor.


Unaware of the impending danger, Viktor decided to stay on the line and from a safe distance attack the teleporting Ashe. He had not expected, however, that a powerful missile was coming from the side that would immobilize him for eternity.

It is worth noting that the action was really close to ending 1 for 1, but the ADC player survived Viktor’s ult, as evidenced by the lack of a blue marker on the replay bar.