Riot Reveals 2021 Worlds Winners Award – 18K White Gold Ring

The creators of LoL have prepared an additional prize for this year’s world champions. What does it look like?

Worlds 2021, Riot Games’ biggest esports event, is currently ongoing in League of Legends. Fans from around the world watch their favorite teams compete against each other at Summoner’s Rift and fight for the title of champions.

Achieving the first place is not only a dream come true, great fame and recognition of the community but also material rewards. The most famous of them is the big cup, which impresses with how it looks every year. It turns out that the creators have prepared something else. The additional prize is very interesting, as hardly anyone expects that this is what will go to this year’s champions. It’s about jewelry.

White gold rings for winners

Riot has partnered with another well-known brand and this year, together with Mercedes-Benz, the creators of LoL have prepared an additional prize for the winners of this year’s World Championship. The winning team will receive personalized rings, which will include, among others, the Worlds logo, the year in which they achieved the title of champions, and the nickname of the player to which a specific copy will go.

Riot Games and MercedesBenz joined forces to create bespoke rings that will be awarded to each team member of our 2021 Champions during the Trophy Ceremony presented by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos and a short presentation of the jewelry were disclosed. You can see that the designers put a lot of effort into making the white gold rings look really good.

The combination of a platinum shade of white gold with a blue Worlds 2021 logo looks very elegant. According to the announcement, the jewelry will be 18 carat, which means it will contain 75% pure gold.

You can watch a short presentation below:


You can see that the creators put a lot of effort into this year’s champions to receive something that will remind them for years of a huge achievement, which is winning Worlds. Personalized rewards are always unique because the person receiving them knows that the item is unique.