The EUW server in LoL has a new TOP 1. What kind of heroes do they play, on which champion do they have 70% winrate?

An impressive achievement by one of the professional players.

League of Legends is a game that has gained immense popularity mainly due to its potential in the esports scene and ranked matches in which each player can demonstrate their skills.

Competitive fans are constantly striving to achieve the best possible rank, and in the highest rank – the Challenger – you can find a tiny fraction of one percent of the overall LoL community. For this reason, the first place in the rank is so special and only a handful of people have managed to get it. One of the professional players of the EDward Gaming team – JunJia has recently joined this group.

Best on the server

Professional players don’t always focus on solo/duo ranked matches. The games that take place in tournaments where full teams compete against each other are significantly different from what can be found in a standard queue, as the team’s chemistry has a much greater impact on the outcome of the game.

This does not mean, however, that the pros will not be able to do the solo/duo queue. Their above-average mastery of character mechanics and high reflexes often translate into results in ranked games. It was proved by JunJia – EDward Gaming’s backup jungler. He managed to reach first place on the EUW server.

This is not the first time this player has been in such a high position, and many would consider it not to be his greatest achievement. In February this year, he managed to hit the same place in the ranking, but on the Korean server, which is considered to represent the highest level of gameplay.

Which heroes did JunJia use to take first place in the Challenger this time?

The player has played around 350 games, winning the vast majority of them. His win ratio is impressive for such a high level of gameplay, 63%. As many as 105 games he played as Qiyana, which, surprisingly, has a very low win rate – in the jungle, she wins just over 45% of her games. JunJia achieved a win ratio of 70% with her, which only shows how important it is to master the hero’s set.

In the following places, you can find Viego, Talon, and Graves. In any case, the player is doing sensational, and in most of them achieve a win rate close to 70%.