A 14-year-old League of Legends player broke the record in the number of LPs won in the Challenger

Record in the number of LPs gained on one of the League of Legends servers broken by a 14-year-old.

Some people say that in League of Legends, you need a lot of experience to achieve something. A good example of this is players who have been in the same rank for many seasons.

However, if we have talent and self-denial, we will quickly achieve the desired rank. It was done by a 14-year-old from a North American server who broke this server’s record.

14-year-old record holder

Entering The Challenger is something amazing and can be something to be proud of, especially since there are only 300 players on any given server. However, this was not enough for the 14-year-old Rayan Shoura, who became a new legend.

This young talent was expected to stream for the Cloud9 team and signed with them in 2020. Unfortunately, it had to be broken as the minimum age to join the team is 15 years old. He did not give up and continued to play, climbing higher and higher in the soloq bracket. At the end of the 2021 season, on October 22 to be precise, he managed to break the server record and earn 1,850 LPs.

He had finished in diamond last season and teams were already writing to him to sign a contract with them. Now he has broken the server record and is certainly being watched by many talent hunters who are just waiting to send him a proposal to join their organization.

Does this mean that he will end up as a professional gamer? It is not so certain. General Sniper is the main of Riven, who he has played as the most games this season and is the one where he is doing best (282 games, 62% WR), second is Irelia (246 games, 52% WR), and the third is Renekton, with just 61 games.

Although he has a modest champion pool, his macro skills are of such a level that he should easily learn other picks. However, this does not mean that he will want to play for a professional team. In matches of this level, chemistry, a strong psyche, and getting along with allies also count.

Nevertheless, the 14-year-old has a bright future. He can become a professional player and fulfill himself on the esports scene or as a streamer if the former career path does not work out for some reason.