An important feature will appear in LoL that will eventually secure players’ accounts properly

LoL players are concerned about their accounts and ask for two-step verification.

Some time ago, Facebook crashed and the website was down for several hours. Then a lot of important files that came from Twitch were uploaded on the popular community forum – 4chan.

In addition to source codes or streamers’ earnings, there are also encrypted user passwords.

Two-step verification

Currently, in today’s standards, virtually every major platform has two-step verification to prevent hacking and theft of accounts that are often worth a lot of money. This feature is available on Steam, Epic Games, and Wargaming, the creators of World of Tanks. However, the game, which has been around for over 11 years, still lacks this type of security.

So it’s hardly surprising for players that they are worried that in the future a similar leak will also occur in League and they will lose access to their accounts. Therefore, a post on this topic was made on Reddit, and, surprisingly, Rioter commented on it.

The employee started his entry going back in time to 2017 when he informed players that they were working on MFA (multi-factor authentication). However, it turned out to be very complicated for many games, some of them were mobile.

For this reason, email verification itself is not very good, and the game needs other means of protection as well. Rioter says that multi-stage security is in the works and it will appear in the future, but does not reveal a specific date. He also adds that at the moment there are many other things the devs are doing on the “security front” to protect their community.

It’s not that there is no solution to these issues, but it’s really hard to make changes to all of our games and make those changes without compromising other goals. However, we are in a much better position to do such things than we were in 2013 or even 2017.

These words did not convince the players. Many commenters admitted that they do not believe it and one of the reasons is precisely Rioter himself, who spoke similarly (which he himself emphasized) a few years earlier. Accordingly, they will “believe when they see”.