Imagine Dragons are teaming up with LoL once again, when will the song come out?

Imagine Dragons x League of Legends on the occasion of the premiere of the Arcane series.

Fans of Riot Games production are looking forward to the premiere of the Arcane series, which will take place on November 6 at 10 pm. However, it has now been reported that the song will likely be released sooner in collaboration with Imagine Dragons.

Its official trailer has just been released, which promises to be really great and will be about Jinx, which suggests one of its characteristic elements.


Both the official Arcane profile and Imagine Dragons on Twitter have published an interesting trailer for the Arcane animated series, which will appear soon on Netflix:


The premiere is to take place on October 28 at 4:00 AM PT.

This is another such collaboration with this band. The previous track for the 2014 World Cup, Warriors, won the hearts of the community and has been viewed over 335 million times. Now it will probably be about Jinx from the Arcane series, which may be suggested by the toy monkey, which is related to this character.

It appeared on the song “Get Jinxed”, and ward appeared on the test server with her model. For this reason, some have suggested that the song Imagine Dragons will be about her. This, however, is not known at the moment.