The last rotation mode this year is coming to LoL and is currently being tested on PBE

The new rotation mode will come back to League of Legends.

In League of Legends, rotating game modes appear from time to time, which serve as a break for players from both ranked and normal queues, or even random ARAMs. URF has been available for several weeks, but it will change soon.

Riot Games is currently testing Ultimate Spellbook on the PBE, which will soon be available on official servers for the second and last time this year.

Ultimate Spellbook

The latest rotation mode from the creators of League of Legends has arrived on the test server. After release, it enjoyed great popularity, and Riot itself admitted that it is really successful and does not lose as many players over time as, for example, Nexus Blitz.

Therefore, it was decided that it would come back one more time and end the current season of 2021. In addition, we will have 20 more to choose from.

If you don’t know yet, it’s all about choosing our character, but instead of one Summoner Spell we have to choose another hero’s ultimate. Therefore, it is possible to do some really weird combos, like Skarner’s ult and Ekko teleporting enemies a few meters back.

When will it go to the official servers? It is not known at the moment, it will probably be on update 11.22 or 11.23.