These LoL characters have just lost their protection. One of the most important Rioters has resigned

One of the most important Rioters no longer fulfills his function, although he still remains in Riot. What does this mean for the characters he created?

Riot Jag, according to its profile on Linkedin and generally the information that appears on the web, no longer plays the role of “Lead Game Designer”. It was he who finally accepted the changes and several controversial characters appeared from under his hand.

Players now laugh that his characters have lost their protective cloak. Of course, this is quite a simplification, but there may indeed be something to it.

Which characters will be more vulnerable to nerfs now?

Riot Jag was responsible for many characters that are causing controversy today. This includes Camille, who keeps appearing in posts on Reddit suggesting nerfs. Even under the Rioter resignation notice, there are tons of entries like this:

Camille is just one of the characters. Jag was responsible for Akshan, for example. The situation is exactly the same here:

In addition to that:

  • Kai’Sa – she doesn’t really cause a lot of negative emotions
  • Seraphine – everyone knows what’s up here by now

In addition, there topic of rework of characters:

  • Aatrox
  • Lucian

That’s not all, there are also systems here:

  • Rift Herald
  • Runeglaive
  • Zeke’s Harbinger
  • Rework of items for tanks for Preseason 2022

It’s not that high-profile Rioters treat their favorite champions in any special way, although in the past there have been strange situations in which a champion received a lot of buffs for no good reason to later turn out to be the main of some significant Rioter.

However, these are quite rare situations, it’s hard to say whether Camille, Seraphine, Akshan and Kai’Sa will be treated any differently now. There is a chance, but it is still not certain.