Several League of Legends heroes will get new animations. Who are we talking about and what do they look like?

What are the new animations of model elements for the five champions?

There are many teams working on League of Legends that are responsible for individual elements of the game. One of them is, of course, the department responsible for animating the characters.

One of the Rioters from this section shared with the community on his social media what the minor tweaks of heroes and skins will look like: Twitch, Pickpocket Twitch, Twitch Shadowfoot, Karthus, Jinx, Sejuani, and Rengar.

New animations for several heroes

In LoL, many champions have elements that somehow follow them. A great example would be Ahri and her tail, which has already been animated for a while. Even though it had to be removed, Rioter says it is also being worked on.

But what will be improved for the previously mentioned 5 heroes? One of the creators decided to comment on this.


It has hefty limitations though. Without a rig made to utilize this tech it will remove all Y axis rotation. Twitch’s tail has none so it’s perfect! Shyvana dragon tail has a lot so it would ruin the animation look with out a rig update.


All skins have tweaks to ensure we avoid clipping but Pickpocket is my favorite.



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Twitch’s is by far the most visible one but here’s Karthus with it on his two back tassels.



Jinx has a more subtle amount on her hair. (Not applied to Star Guardian due to new hair anims that don’t work well with tech)


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Sejuani’s mount only has a tail on base and two skins but now the tail drags a little behind. (The tech does not work for her mace, sorry)



Rengar has it too.


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You can see that the developers are trying to keep the game looking as best as it can, and the perfect example of this are the above tails fixes – a small element of the game that most people will probably not pay attention to, but for Rioters, it is still an important detail, which is a very positive feature.

The changes are currently on the PBE, i.e. on the test server, so it can be expected that they will soon also appear on live servers – most likely in the next patch.