Recap of the upcoming champions updates to League of Legends. What do you need to know?

What changes to LoL champions has Riot announced so far?

League of Legends was released in 2009 and has changed significantly since its release. The game is currently one of the most popular in the world and it is difficult to find a person who is familiar with the gaming environment and would not know LoL. Due to the high interest in the Riot’s title, the developers must update it regularly to keep regular players and attract new ones.

Older content, such as heroes that premiered a few years ago, are receiving changes to ensure that they stay up to date with constantly changing standards. What are all the reworks announced so far by Riot?

Upcoming changes to LoL

Udry VGU

Last year, a vote took place for another upcoming VGU rework, won by Udyr. The hero gained 37.2% of the votes, more than characters such as Shyvana, Skarner, and Nocturne, among others. The creators have been working on updating the champion for a long time and it is already known what the new incarnation of this hero will look like (Not only LoL players but even Google sees reworked Udyr as a completely different hero).

League of Legends lead champion designer Reav3 said fans should expect two new characters before the release of the VGU, which could mean his rework will be out around Fall 2022.

Skarner’s VGU

At the beginning of 2022, players once again had the opportunity to vote for a champion who would receive the next VGU after Udyr. With 33.4% of the votes, Skarner was ahead of other candidates such as Shyvana, Tryndamere, and Nocturne (It is already known which champion will be reworked in LoL. Who had the most amount of votes?).

Skarner is one of the least-picked heroes in virtually every update, and, according to players, its gameplay relies too heavily on crystals placed on the map to be satisfactory. The rework scheduled for 2023 should make playing this champion enjoyable again.

Mysterious rework announced by Riot

Relatively recently, Riot informed fans that they are working on another mysterious hero. This isn’t meant to be a regular VGU update, something Riot hasn’t tried yet.

The designer did not say which hero would be affected by the changes described above, but leaks suggest that it will be Aurelion Sol – a champion who has been going through a crisis for several years.

ASU Ahri update

Ahri is expected to receive an ASU update in 2022. The heroine was released in 2011 and has already received a mini-rework of her skill set, but her visuals will also be improved.

Caitlyn was the first heroine to receive an ASU – Riot corrected some bugs in the game related to her headshot and introduced numerous new animations and changed the heroine’s models. The splash art and older skins have also been updated to match the new visual style. Most likely, Ahri’s upcoming changes will be similar.

Leona, Orianna, and Shaco’s VFX

Relatively recently, players could learn about the upcoming visual improvements of the three heroes – Leona, Orianna, and Shaco. Characters will receive VFX updates that mainly affect the appearance and sounds accompanying their abilities. You can read about exactly how the refreshed versions of Champion skills look in the relevant articles.

All changes are to hit the live servers in the next patch 12.7, which is scheduled for April 13, 2022.

Taliyah, Olaf and Swain changes

Riot has also recently been releasing significant fixes to heroes’ skill sets to make playing them more enjoyable. This worked for both the recently refreshed Ahri and the Rengar. Other Champions Riot is working on are Taliyah and Olaf. Swain joined that list shortly after.

All of the characters mentioned are not doing very well. Taliah has become a forgotten hero in both the jungle and mid lane. Currently, she is not even played as a support, which has put her at a standstill.

Olaf’s skill set recently seems to be too simple and not very extensive, so he will receive a mini-rework, similar to Ahri’s one. The changes are aimed at adapting the hero to the current meta.

Swain, on the other hand, from a hero that was designed with the mid lane in mind, thanks to the rework has turned into a top laner, and is currently mainly chosen as support. Riot may be looking to restore the champion some power to compete on the solo lines.