Riot reveals who else will get a skill rework in LoL. It will take several months again

Which hero can get major fixes soon? This is the third character to be reworked this way

Relatively recently, League of Legends fans found out that the Riot designers are working on major changes for Taliyah and Olaf (Riot officially confirms that it will be reworking two LoL champions. It will take several months).

Their scale is to be similar to that which could be observed in the last corrections of Janna or Ahri. As it turns out, Taliyah and Olaf aren’t the only characters to receive the changes.

Who else is Riot working on?

Riot August, who is mainly responsible for designing the heroes that go to League of Legends, announced that the two characters mentioned above are not the only ones the studio is working on. Another one is Swain.

Swain, who joined League of Legends in 2010, is significantly different from what players can see today on Summoner’s Rift. Champion received a completely new set of skills, model, and VFX in Update 8.3, which hit live servers in early 2018.

A hero who was designed primarily with mid lane in mind has become the champion of TOP. Now, however, you can most often meet him in the role of support. Swain wins over 50% of games there, which may suggest that the current state of the hero is not so bad.

The designers, however, most likely would like the hero to be selected for the roles he was designed for. However, what Riot really wants to achieve will not be known until the fixes are revealed to the community.

We will have to wait a little longer for this. As Swain’s changes were announced separately at a later date, they are likely to be released with a refresh for the other two characters.