Arcana Xayah and Rakan from LoL will not have a duo recall animation. How is Riot trying to explain this?

Riot Games made the controversial decision to remove the duo return to base from skins for Xayah and Rakan.

Xayah and Rakan are characters released at the same time. Additionally, they have shared buffs that give them an advantage if they play together. In addition, they can go back to the base together, and the whole process is finished with different animations, depending on the skins.

It turns out that the latest skins from the Arcana series will not have such an option. This controversial decision was made by the creators due to the insufficient amount of time needed to create such an animation.

Arcane Xayah and Rakan without a duo recall

With each season of League of Legends, developers are increasing the number of skins created each year. Now it turns out that this rush leads to… the removal of the joint return to the base of the most famous duo, apart from Senna and Lucian.

“Duo recall” is a mechanic added with the release of two Vastayas. It is enough for only one of the two characters to start returning to the base, and the other can join at any time. It is to emphasize that they are inseparable. In addition, the effect is crowned with a unique, and, dependent on the selected skins, animation.


This time, with the arrival of Arcana skins, players will not receive such a visual addition. Although the mechanics will be available, the duo recall will probably be played based on the animation of the one from the base model.

What is the reason for such a decision? It turns out that the designers are currently running out of time.

This means that people maining them will have to be ok with the usual animation, not the unique one assigned to the skins. Perhaps developers will add it at a later date.