If you like to get out of LoL matches quickly, you will be very irritated in a moment

It is already known that at the end of the game, a special animation showing the statistics will be triggered.

Most LoL players don’t look much at the stats or go straight to the summary screen. Soon the process of closing, or rather ending the game, will be longer.

At least that’s what the new animation is supposed to do, which is to launch after the game. It is certainly quite spectacular and “impressive”, but at the same time players are already afraid that this is another element that will have to be “skipped” every time – of course, if Riot adds such an option at all.

At the end of every game

If you think Riot wants to add extra features to the client just to make it prettier, then yes, this is exactly it. After the match you will see something like this:


In theory, the tests show that it will not affect the client’s performance, but you know – testing is one thing, and having it live is another. The good news for people who want to turn off the “EoG” screen right away is the fact that it will probably be skippable, although so far it is in a strong testing phase and nothing is certain yet.

This is an additional element that, although it looks nice, may somehow affect the customer’s performance. It is difficult to say when it will be introduced, but it will most likely be a matter of a few weeks.