This is what the next Ashen Knight skin should look like in LoL? A concept that makes a big impression

One of the fans created an extensive skin concept inspired by Ashen Knight Pyke.

The latest Pyke skin for Mythic Essence turned out to be a real hit. Many players consider this to be the best skin created by Riot because its atmosphere and visual and audio effects are simply phenomenal.

The community liked the Knight of the Ashes theme so much that there are already several fan skins on this theme (see: Which LoL champion could get the Ashen Knight skin? Here are the best suggestions). However, none of them was as extensive as the one presented today. What distinguishes it from other ideas? Should Riot consider creating an Ashen King skin for Xerath?

The idea for the skin – Ashen King Xerath

The concept was created by Gonçalo Santos, a graphic designer from Portugal. The artist has already made several fan skins from League of Legends, including PROJECT: Yone or Vladimir’s Infernal.

His latest work is Ashen King Xerath, presented here, inspired, of course, by the Ashen Knight Pyke skin that recently hit the game and can be obtained for the new currency, Mythic Essence.

Ashen King Xerath is a really complex project that surprises. The author took care of the smallest details – he drew the hero’s model and created several versions of it, presented each of the skills in various forms, and designed two versions of the icon.

The effects of the champion’s skills and his outfit are similar in color to the aforementioned Pyke. This combination of colors works really well together. The whole thing makes an amazing impression, and some of the graphics can be confused with the official works of Riot.

The author commented on his work as follows:

This was a great project to work on and I’m pretty proud of this one.
The Ashen Knights come from a world where ancient warriors once fought to rid the world of magic, but their kingdom fell to ash, darkness and ruin. Xerath is the King, and the source of the magic that has lead to this.