Leaks predict which LoL champions will get new skins from the Eclipse series. A total of 5 skins

According to the leaks, which heroes will receive new skins from the Eclipse series?

New heroes and skins are regularly coming to League of Legends. The creators try to keep their premieres a secret until a certain point, but recently fans can find out about the upcoming content earlier due to leaks.

Much of the information that is appearing on the web relates to the new jungle Void Hero, but there is also a lot of talk about skins. Leaks regarding skins from the Anima series have been confirmed, and now information about the continuation of the Eclipse series has appeared. Which characters will get skins?

New skins from the Eclipse series

At the moment, the Eclipse series is relatively poor in content, but unique in its own way. Only two skins were given to Leona, and both of them are legendary. However, everything is about to change soon, because as many as 5 skins are to come to League of Legends, and one of them has been announced as legendary.

  • Eclipse Sivir Legendary,
  • Eclipse Senna Prestige,
  • Eclipse Kayle,
  • Eclipse Sejuani,
  • Eclipse Aatrox.

Among the skins that were mentioned in the leak, you can find both Prestige Senna, which will be available for 125 Mythic Essence, and the first Legendary skin for Sivir. Senna will therefore be the first character to receive a prestige series skin that has been designed according to the new standards.

Some people mention the name Eclipse Knight, which might suggest what direction the skin designers have taken.

Skins are expected to hit live servers along with the new jungler in update 12.8, which is scheduled for April 27. So, players should soon learn the exact appearance of the upcoming character and content for existing heroes via the test servers.