The streamer got pissed off with Viego and called Riot. The creator of the character had to explain himself to her

If anyone has doubts about whether streamers are in contact with Riot, this is a direct example of how easy it is to contact, for example, the lead character designer.

If you play LoL, you must know someone known as “Riot August”. He is the lead character designer who often and willingly answers all sorts of questions. Several people have really good contact with him. One of them is the streamer Emiru.

Emiru on Twitch is watched by over 800,000 people and, as it turns out, she has direct contact with August. During the last broadcast, the streamer got so pissed off with Viego that she decided to ask the creator of this character directly why he came up with the idea of creating him.

A quick call to Riot

The streamer was killed by Viego and she got irritated enough to just call Rioter.

“August? Can we talk,” says Emiru. Rioter asks what happened.

“So why did you make it so Viego kill me from full health, I’m stunned the whole time, I was ulted by Jhin, he just walked up and killed me.”

Rioter responds:

“You know, when I was making Viego I thought, you know, one of these days Emiru is going to play against him and I want her to have a really bad time, so I made him to counter Jhin.”

“I hate Riot!” – the streamer laughs.

The whole conversation lasted a long while, but nothing amazing happened during it. Emiru talked to August, who admitted that Viego pissed off a large part of the community who most often now wishes the developer to “step on LEGO bricks” every day.


August talked a bit about his inspirations, he also said that people often praise him for Zeri, and then completely destroy him for Viego.