Riot quietly revealed that the new character in LoL will be called Bel’Veth. Leakers suggest so

A “leak” of the name of a new hero in League of Legends, from Riot itself.

People who follow the latest League of Legends news probably know that a new hero is approaching the game. It is supposed to be a jungler from the Void. Now, once again, a “leak” suggests what the final name of the new champion will be.

So far, leaks have indicated that the new character will be called Rem’Ora, but now fairly trusted leakers have surprised players with a new theory that points towards the name Bel’Veth.

The name of the new character is probably Bel’Veth

Information about new content in the most popular MOBA game in the world always arouses great interest in the community. Especially when it comes to the mysterious Void character who takes part in the plot of the 2022 season.

There is not much specific information available at the moment. The leaks are rather modest, but there are quite a few. Now on top of it all comes the potential name of the new heroine. It is known that Riot loves to play cat and mouse with players. Developers themselves sometimes reveal the names of the next characters in their announcements.

This was the case with Vex, for example. Now “Big Bad Bear” is drawing the attention of the community to the fact that Riot may have already mentioned the name of the next heroine a long time ago.

As the author of the film explains, the name was revealed by a Riot employee in one of the first official trailers.


However, this is not certain, a lot of information indicates that the next jungler will be Rem’Ora, and the leakers’ theory is not true.

Rem’Ora appears in Malzahar’s short story “Meir of Malzahar”. Her minions are causing trouble everywhere and annoying Rek’Sai as well. The 2022 season opener shows that something huge is coming, and possibly much bigger than Rek’Sai. In combination with the champions update in early 2022, it’s very easy to see that the Void Empress is called Rem’Ora and she controls the horde of Void creatures conquering Runeterra.

Perhaps this is another game made by the creators through controlled conflicting leaks. Likewise, Vex, who was supposed to be Yuumi’s owner, Nora, and Isolde, from whom Gwen eventually emerged.