Nobody wants such an unlucky start to a game as this Nidalee. Guaranteed trauma

The beginning of this match was so bad that the video’s protagonist probably experienced some trauma.

Many League of Legends players tries to bully their opponents from the very first minutes of the game. It’s not just about damaging them or interfering with farming. For some, a good tactic is to annoy the enemy or even make them want to quit the game.

One way is with frequent ganks of a particular line, which makes the opponent more and more tilted until they finally are afraid to go anywhere because they can still feel the jungler breathing down their neck.

In the case of playing in the jungle, it is also possible to discourage the enemy from further participation in the match. You can steal the first Camp, then the second, and finally, kill him as if nothing had happened.

Shaco is a hero who has mastered such tactics to perfection. Another main of the Demon Jester decided to destroy someone’s game and make him get a trauma.

Nidalee and her terrible start of the match

There was a video on the web that featured Shaco on support who decide to troll the opposing jungler a bit. When the blues helped Nidalee with the red buff, he sneaked into the nearby bushes and waited for the right moment to steal the camp from the heroine.

The situation for Nidalee was really bad – as Shaco played a support role, he could move around the map a lot.

Moments later, the Jester stole another buff, ran away from his opponents, and then calmly returned to the enemy’s jungle, stole Gromp, and killed the helpless Nidalee.


It can be expected that already at this point the heroine has lost any desire to play, but Shaco still did not stop. Less than a minute later, he killed her again, this time by her Krugs.

In the end, the player achieved his goal, because just after the 4th minute of the game, mentally damaged Nidalee left the match.

The commentators were in pain with the protagonist, writing, among other things:

I dont think I’ve ever been more triggered by three words than I was by “smite support shaco”

This Shaco is a complete psychopath.