Over two years ago, Riot was supposed to commemorate the Zz’Rot Portal item in LoL, but still hasn’t

Announced change to commemorate the deleted item that never made it to the official servers.

Over two years ago, some cool items were removed from League of Legends in Update 9.23. These included the Spear of Shojin, Raptor Cloak, Ohmwrecker, and the Zz’Rot Portal discussed today.

The latter, according to an announcement, was to be commemorated. In patch 9.24, Malzahar’s W was supposed to be renamed, but so far Riot hasn’t done that. Even despite official announcements.

Zz’Rot Portal

A lot of different items have been in League of Legends throughout the years. Some have not been in the game for many, while others have been removed not too long ago. One of them was creating creatures similar to those of Malzahar – Zz’Rot Portal.

Since it works similar to “W” Malzahar, or “Void Swarm”, it has been decided to rename this skill. This was to commemorate this legendary item that helps destroy structures on the map. In addition, the stacks were also to be slightly reworked, but they were also forgotten. This is how it was described in Update 9.23 on the official League of Legends website:

At the moment we have the 12th season and with it the 12.7 update. As it turns out, Malzahar’s skill is still named as before. The creators probably simply forgot about it, but now – after more than two years – players remembered it.

The same happened with the Ohmwrecker item mentioned at the beginning of the article. This one was also to be commemorated, and it actually happened. It is used as an item of turrets.

Perhaps now Riot Games will remember about it and, in fact, after more than two years and four months, what was announced in patch 9.23 will happen.