You were not imagining it. Epic has changed some sounds in Fortnite, and this is just the beginning

If you were under the impression that you hear some sounds in Fortnite a little differently, rest assured, you’re fine.

Epic has changed several sounds in Fortnite to more realistic, AI-generated sounds. This is the beginning of such changes, and according to leakers, eventually all or the vast majority of sounds will be changed.

W tym momencie zmieniła się prawdopodobnie jedna rzecz, natomiast leakerom udało się odtworzyć również drugą. O ile w przypadku ognisk różnica jest bardzo duża, o tyle w tym drugim przypadku już niekoniecznie.

Nowe dźwięki w Fortnite

At this point, one thing is likely to have changed, while the leakers have managed to recreate the other as well. While in the case of campfires the difference is very big, in the latter case it is not necessarily so.


And new “falling” sounds, at which it is difficult to hear the difference:


The change of sounds will be progressing all the time, probably already in the next update there will be more news on this topic.