Why do the best Fortnite players in the world play with the same pickaxe? What’s so special in it?

There have been a few situations in Fortnite’s history where the pickaxe provided an advantage – it did more damage, allowed you to run faster. How is it in this case?

Virtually every Fortnite player has their favorite skin, their favorite backpack, or pickaxe. Interestingly, many professional players use the exact same pickaxe. This is definitely not a coincidence.

The players checked several times why the best people practically always play with one pickaxe. Movement speed, damage dealt, and even minor issues like visibility were tested.

And… Nothing

The pickaxe in question is a “Leviathan axe”. Many PROs have expressed that this is by far the best pickaxe ever added. In fact, it is even called “OP”, although it does not give any advantage. And yet it has something that makes it different.


It is used by the best players, the most popular streamers:

The only question is why? The secret is in the animation itself. It doesn’t give you an advantage, it’s not faster, but it feels much smoother than the rest of the pickaxes. It is a one-handed pickaxe and the character shifts it from one hand to the other. The animation is so enjoyable that people buy this pickaxe just for that little thing.


Is it worth buying? It all depends on your preferences. It is definitely worth a try if you have the opportunity to do so. The problem may be that it has not been in the store for a long time, but it may show up again in a while.