What will be introduced in the next Fortnite content update? Everything that is known

Update 18.40 is likely to be released in a week’s time. This, however, does not change the fact that there is a content update for players to play on 18.30.

This will be the second content update in a row. Similar to the previous one, this one will also add some significant novelties. There have been concerns that very little will happen for three weeks, but tomorrow there will be another burst of change.

A new weapon in the form of a pistol will be added and the fundraising will likely begin for a new, second version of the mechs.

Content update 18.30

As we are talking about a content update, don’t expect any additional MB to download. Everything will take place on the server-side. You’ll be back from school or work and a new patch will be waiting for you.

As HYPEX writes, we can expect from the news:

  • A new gun,
  • New NPCs and challenges,
  • Possible to start collecting funds for mechs.

When? Probably around noon, maybe a little later. The exact times are unknown, but the challenges should appear between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM EDT.