This is what Fortnite would look like if Epic only cared about money and Pay2Win items

One of the players decided to show everyone who complains about Pay2Win skins or emotes the reality of the game

Raider464 has created several animations showing what Fortnite would look like if Epic Games’ production were really made in the form of Pay2Win. It is about mechanics that would just be OP.

At this point, some are outright saying that there are skins in Fortnite to give an advantage, and that’s partly true. Let us remind you that in the past Epic changed some skins because these were very poorly visible.

Pay2Win Fortnite

What would Fortnite really look like if Epic were all about money and items were giving an unfair advantage?


Looking at it quickly, you can come to the conclusion that it is not too bad at the moment. What’s funny, in 2021 a similar compilation with other elements was created.


You just have to hope that Epic will not take advantage of these ideas and will not want to implement them. Unless it would be on April Fool’s Day.