These two skins will be free for the Winterfest. List of items that can be picked up

In Chapter 3, the well-known and popular theme of getting items for the Winterfest will return.

There will be quite a lot of free items in Fortnite, some of them can be picked up during the upcoming Winterfest. Of course, two skins will play the main role here, but they will not be the only interesting cosmetic accessories.

If you look closely, you should already see the first free skin, it’s about the ice banana.

We have already seen this skin as part of a leak of a survey of skins that may appear in the game. Once again, this survey proved to be true.

The second free skin will be this one:

What rewards are coming in addition to skins?

Skins are of course not all you can expect. iFireMonkey provides us with the list of soon available cosmetics:


The launch date is not officially known yet, while Epic writes about “a few days”.