The Rock’s reaction to his next skin in Fortnite. This time on the occasion of his collaboration with Black Adam

The Rock received another skin in Fortnite, which is modeled on him. What was the actor’s reaction?

According to gamers, The Rock is a perfect fit for Fortnite and the whole atmosphere of Epic Games’ production. So it’s no surprise that he gets his second skin. Of course, it has more to do with Black Adam, but still the actor is very happy.

The first skin is, of course, Foundation:

There was a lot of speculation, conjecture and suspicion about it. Today everything is clear and the players were indeed right.

Fortnite x Black Adam

Another skin is heading to Fortnite with an additional style of pickaxe and the skin itself. As a reminder, here’s what it looks like:

Players managed to capture The Rock’s reaction to his next skin. You can see the satisfaction and that’s probably the most important thing:


Skin will be to buy in a few days, so you can already slowly collect money for yourself.