The new map for Fortnite season 8. This is what the island looks like after all the changes

We already got to know the appearance of the upcoming map.

Even before the season starts, we got to know the look of the new map. At first glance, you can see which spots have been changed. The map will surely see additional changes that have not been shown here. For example, “another dimension”.

We know from the trailers that cubes have fallen on the island – these are probably supposed to somehow affect the inhabitants. It’s hard to say if the map is dark at the moment, like on the trailers, or maybe it’s just a local effect.

One thing is more than certain. The mother ship actually crashed on the island. However, it does not take up much space and at the moment it looks like this:

Certainly what you see here is not all. We know there is a different dimension in the game. Leakers were able to get its “appearance”, but how to get there and what it was created for remains a mystery.