The first person to find this item in Fortnite will get over $ 3,000

The players set off with an interesting challenge, which is to find and hold one of the items.

Thanks to the mechanics of the tents, players can carry items from one match to another. This means that the challenge for the greatest flex in all of Fortnite has arisen. Nobody is looking at the crown, but what you keep in the tent.

The players began to care so much that they were able to pay a lot for it. x2twins offers $ 3,000 to the person who finds and gives them goldfish.

An incredibly difficult task

It all comes down to a goldfish here. The players’ task is to find it, then put it in a tent and hand it over to “x2twins”. You can get the aforementioned $ 3,000 for this.

Of course, the players take it as a joke, but they are actually able to spend real money for this fish.

We remind you that the chance of finding a fish is 0.0001%. Then you have to put it in the tent and give it to someone else. A difficult task, but it is very feasible.